VALPLASTICK has been designing and manufacturing luxury hangers since more than 30 years.

High quality Hangers

Valplastick has been designing and manufacturing shaped and tailored hangers since more than 35 years. We started manufacturing plastic hangers.

They have been innovated in time with the introduction of special models like the hangers with closed bottom Valplastick patented, which perfectly match lightness and easy handling.

Evolution has going on with the launch of Perspex collection: tailored shaped transparent hangers that brighten the space around reflecting the light.

Our products range includes also the Superior collection: eco-friendly 100% made in Italy hangers, born from the mix of natural fibers and plastic material, which can be added with the antibacterical TEMACT VIDA for top protection and safety.


For Valplastick, respect for the environment is one of the key points that characterize our production. For this reason we have developed our Superior Collection of hangers; made with natural and eco-friendly materials, they guarantee customers many advantages.

– they are pleasant to the touch, they communicate a “lively” sensation that transmits warmth;
– they are solid and give the feeling of real wood;
– they are water resistant;
– the color does not change over time (due to light or atmospheric agents);
– they are cheaper than traditional wooden hangers;
– they are lighter than traditional hangers.

To learn more visit the page: SUPERIOR

Service and Reliability 

Creativity, service tailored solutions, reliability and quality are the reasons why for many years the most prestigious brands all over the world have chosen Valplastick hangers.

We have strong roots in our territory but we are projected on international markets, with consolidated customers in fashion and luxury.

Some of the brands choosing valplastick